We have observed how empowering it can be for people if they feel in control of their money. We realise that if people feel that they are managing well, that they are in control and not spending beyond their means they are much happier. We also know that if they understand what they are doing when they are making choices between financial products this will help them with this as well. This is the reason that we have put together this website and added in some articles. These are meant to be informative and to help people to start making better decisions when they are thinking about money and choosing products. We know it is not easy, which is why we want to provide this help. We hope that people can understand the advantages and will be prepared to make the necessary changes to make their financial situation better. We know that it is not easy to make the changes that we need to make, but it is important to make sure that we are aware of the advantages of doing so and that will help us to be motivated to do the right thing and improve out situation and reduce our stress levels.