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10 - 4pm
10 - 4pm
10 - 4pm
10 - 4pm
10 - late
10 - late
10 - 4pm

we occasionally open late for events during the week
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where are we

miss peapod's cafe is at Jubilee Wharf in Penryn, on Commercial Road underneath the wind turbines

Jubilee Wharf,
Penryn, Cornwall
01326 374424

We are a small independant cafe based at the award winning Jubilee Wharf, in Penryn.

We have been built using pioneering techniques of eco-development. We have wind turbines, solar panels and super insulation. This means our walls are at least 2 foot thick which is useful for when we have D.J’s and bands in the evenings!

We are family orientated and this means children are welcome anytime to eat with their families (including in the evenings).
We have a play area with a wooden kitchen, and lots of other toys and books.

Out on our decking (built from sustainable f.s.c timber) you can watch the boats go by up the river, whilst enjoying one of our fair trade organic coffees from a local family.

We source with a priority to local, organic and fairtrade. What does this mean?


We have a sustainable fish policy using the Marine conservation society as our guide. This in practise means seasonal local fish that are often ugly, but taste great!


We use organic meats from Rosuick Farm on the Lizard , and local meats that have a guarrantee of sound farming practises, so our poutry has a vegetarian diet and has room to scratch around and our meat is butchered in the same town.


It comes from Cornish farms and a Cornish family supplier, we have progressed from using
exclusively organic produce, and have based our decisions purely on product and
food miles i.e Local is paramount, than taste!

Fruit and Vegetables

We estimate that we only use 95% European produce (we struggle with bananas!), and use Cornish seasonal produce for our daily changing specials menu.
We are working to reduce our food miles which helps us keep our prices low.
We also buy directly from a local farm; Long close Farm, Flushing.

Sourcing and Procurment

We promote a local artisan brewery exclsively. They use no chemicals in their processing.
We have a rolling commitment to finding new producers and products

We have Environmentally friendly cleaning products, for the floors, surfaces, windows, washing liquid and hand soap, from re-fillable sources at a local shop, so reducing packaging and waste.

Minimising waste

We recycle all our paper, bottles, metals, cardboard, plastic, tin cans and foil.
We send our old office equipment to a local charity for reuse.
We have a policy of ‘using the whole animal’ and so make our own stocks and soups.
We have re-cycled/refurbished furniture (thanks Salvation army and Mabe carboot) and our buildings are super insulated;; we only had the heating on once last winter!
We are trying various avenues for scraps disposal including pigs and worms!


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Saturday, February 6
cafe has changed hands to: MUDDY BEACH!

Out with the Old and In with the New!!
Welcome to Muddy Beach
They have been working hard creating something vibrant and new. Come and see for yourself, retaining much of Peapods old team but leading it in a new direction, something special and unique is happening down at Jubilee Wharf.
Hurray for Independents! In this homogenised world, we are very lucky that Family businesses are still happening, but they need your support. I don't think you will be disappointed.
Congratulations M.B crew it's looking fabulous.

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